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I am currently playing Clash of Clans on my Android phone & have gotten fairly far inlớn the game. Far enough to lớn where I would lượt thích lớn connect my village to lớn my Google+ account.

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The only problem is that my current Google+ tài khoản has a Clash of Clans village already loaded onto it with a Town Hall of màn chơi 1. Is there any way for me khổng lồ get rid of my Clash of Clans village on my Google+ account in order to lớn save my local village onlớn that account?

I have sầu currently gone inkhổng lồ my Google Settings và then inkhổng lồ my Connected Apps and disconnected the Clash of Clans app while deleting all activities for that ứng dụng as well. When I tried to connect to Google+ through Clash of Clans after that, it still prompted me to load my Town Hall màn chơi 1 village.



Unfortunately, this is not possible. The liên kết is done on the SuperCell servers, and there"s no way to lớn unlink an trương mục from a Google+ (Android) or Game Center tài khoản (iOS).

You will need to create a new Google+ account to links khổng lồ your village.

Just FYI, there"s some information I found on Google that suggests you can unlink it by going inkhổng lồ Google+ settings. I just tried these suggestions with a thử nghiệm village of mine and can teo firm that process doesn"t work.

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Yes, you can remove sầu your old town hall from your Google trương mục.

xuất hiện your Android device, of course.Open Google Settings.mở cửa Connected Apps then tap lớn Clash of Clans.Tap to lớn Disconnect to remove this game from your tài khoản.Done.


No you cannnot I have sầu tried và yes you can disconnect your game but when I reconnected my game to lớn save sầu my game it still tried khổng lồ load my lvl 2 town hall saying it would delet my current game lvl 8 town hall.


As far as I know this does not work. You can try lớn disconnect the game but it doesn"t delete your game history it only deletes the sign in.

OK..I found a solution....I was going through the same thing, here"s what I did.

Phone I play on: Samsung Galaxy chú ý 1

Go on your phone or game android device và open CoC & wait for it to lớn load.Go to lớn settings in the bottom right corner.I you are currently disconnected the skip, if you are connected then disconnectunder settings by pressing Google+ Sign-InGo khổng lồ Google & create an trương mục that you will use khổng lồ baông xã up CoC or any other game you have on your device. (for example: yourname123backup
gmail.com)Go into lớn settings (the phones settings or your android device settings)Go to lớn accounts and cliông xã on the tài khoản that is currently backing CoC.On the bottom of the screen select "Remove account"It will read "Removing the account will delete all of its messages, contacts, và other data from the device. Continue? Select Remove sầu account.Go on your phone or apk device and open CoC and wait for it khổng lồ load.Go lớn settings in the bottom right corner.Under settings press Google+ Sign-InUse the account information you created in step 1Follow all on screen directions.After your game is backed up go inkhổng lồ settings (the phones settings or your game android device settings)Go to lớn accounts và select "add account"Select Google & select existing.Put in your previous trương mục that was removed in step 4. (This trương mục will be associated with your previos apps except CoCMake sure lớn sync you of your current accounts.

Good Luck!

Note: Your current village will now be associated with the new account in step 1. The old village will still be associated with the old account.