Download windows 7 ultimate iso 32/64

You can reinstall Windows from scratch using the sản phẩm key that came with your PC, but you’ll have sầu to lớn find installation truyền thông media yourself. Microsoft offers không lấy phí ISO files for downloading; you just have to lớn know where lớn look.

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There are a few ways to do this, but they’re all on the straight & narrow–you won’t have lớn visit a shady BitTorrent site to download ISOs that may be filled with malware. Instead, you get official installation truyền thông media straight from Microsoft.

NOTE: Depending on the OEM version of Windows that you are running, you might run into an issue using the OEM key with a retail version of Windows. If it won’t activate, you can always install & then call Microsoft to get them to lớn straighten it out and allow your copy lớn activate. The most important thing is that you have a valid license key.

Download the Windows 10 or 8.1 ISO Using the Media Creation Tool

If you’ve got access lớn a Windows machine, the official method for downloading ISOs for Windows 8.1 và 10 is the Media Creation Tool. The process for using the tool is largely the same for both versions of Windows, so we’ll be using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool for our example. We’ll just note where anything differs.

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One caveat you should be aware of up front is that you can no longer tải về an ISO for Windows 8–just 8.1. And the product keys are different for Windows 8 và 8.1, so if you have sầu a Windows 8 product key, you can’t just use it to lớn install Windows 8.1. Instead, you’ll have lớn install Windows 8, then vày a miễn phí nâng cấp to lớn 8.1. After you do the upgrade, Windows will assign the new product key khổng lồ the installation. You can find that product key in a number of different ways & save sầu it for the future. After that, you should be able lớn vì chưng a clean installation of Windows 8.1 using the new sản phẩm key & won’t have khổng lồ worry about installing Windows 8 first & going the tăng cấp route.

Start by downloading either the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool or the Windows 8.1 Media Creation Tool. Once the tệp tin has downloaded, just double-cliông xã it to start the tool & then clichồng “Yes” lớn give it permission to make changes to your PC. When the tool starts, cliông chồng “Accept” khổng lồ accept the license terms. lưu ý that the Windows 8.1 version of the tool does not ask you to lớn accept license terms.

(If you don’t want to use the Media Creation Tool and just want to lớn download an ISO file directly, just change your browser’s user agent lớn a non-Windows browser like Apple Safari on máy tính bảng ipad while you’re viewing the download page. Microsoft will offer you a direct tải về of the Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 ISO tệp tin instead of the standard Media Creation Tool, which only runs on Windows.)


When the tool asks what you want to lớn do, select “Create installation truyền thông media for another PC” và then cliông chồng “Next.” The Windows 8.1 version of the tool also does not provide this option; it just defaults to lớn creating installation truyền thông media for another PC (which is what we want).


The tool will suggest a language, edition, và architecture for Windows based on information about the PC on which the tool is running. If you’re going to use the installation truyền thông media on that PC, go ahead and just cliông chồng “Next.” If you’re planning to install it on a different PC, clear the “Use recommended options for this PC” kiểm tra box, select options that are more appropriate for the license you have sầu, và then click “Next.” cảnh báo that if you’re using the 8.1 version of the tool, you actually start with this screen. The tool also won’t recommover options; you have sầu to lớn select them yourself.

Remember, your license will only work with the correct version of Windows–if your license is for 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, you can’t install 32-bit Windows 10 Home with it, so ensure your selections here match what’s listed on your product key.


Next, select whether you want the tool lớn create a bootable USB flash drive sầu with the installation media, or just create an ISO tệp tin that you can use or burn khổng lồ a DVD later. We’re going with the ISO tệp tin in this example, but the process is much the same either way. If you go with the USB option, you’ll need lớn provide a USB drive sầu with at least 3 GB of space. Also, the USB drive sầu will be formatted during the process, so make sure there’s nothing on it you need. Select the option you want & then cliông chồng “Next.”


Choose a place to lớn save sầu the finished ISO tệp tin (or point the tool toward the right USB drive sầu if that’s the option you chose).


At this point, the Media Creation Tool will begin downloading the files and assembling your ISO, which can take a fair bit of time depending on your internet connection. When it’s finished, you can cliông chồng “Open DVD Burner” if you want to go ahead and create a disc or just clichồng Finish if you don’t want to lớn make a disc right now.


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Now that you have your new ISO saved, you’re ready lớn make use of it however you see fit. You could go ahead and perform a clean installation of Windows (which technically you don’t even need a product key khổng lồ do), use the ISO to create a virtual machine, or just save sầu it for when you need it down the road.

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Download the Windows 7 SP1 ISO Directly From Microsoft’s Website

Microsoft makes the Windows 7 SP1 ISO available for direct tải về through their site. The only catch is that you’ll need a valid product key in order to tải về the file–& OEM keys (lượt thích the one that came on a sticker under your laptop) won’t work. If that’s you, proceed to the next section.

If you vày have a valid retail key, head lớn the Windows 7 tải về page, enter your sản phẩm key, and clichồng “Verify” to start the tải về process.


After your hàng hóa key is verified, select the sản phẩm language you want lớn tải về và then cliông chồng “Confirm.”


Next, choose whether you want the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7. When you click whichever version you want, the download will begin. lưu ý that download link generated by the site are only valid for 24 hours. Of course, you could always come baông chồng và walk through the verification and selection process again to lớn generate new links.


After downloading the ISO file, you can burn it khổng lồ a DVD by right-clicking it in Windows Explorer và selecting “Burn disc image” khổng lồ burn it khổng lồ a disc. If you want to lớn install Windows 7 from a USB drive, the best way is to lớn use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool khổng lồ put that ISO tệp tin onlớn a USB drive.


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The downloaded ISO you’ll get from Microsoft includes Windows 7 with Service Pachồng 1. When you install Windows 7, you can avoid the hassle of downloading & installing the hundreds of updates that came out after SP1 by installing the Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup. Even better, why not take a little extra time và slipstream the Convenience Rollup right into your Windows 7 ISO? That way, whenever you install Windows 7 in the future, you’ll have sầu one ISO with all the updates (at least up through May 2016) already included.

Download Any Windows or Office ISO Using a Free Third-Party Tool

Microsoft used to make all these ISOs available through a site called Digital River, but it doesn’t anymore. Instead, they’re stored on its TechBench site. The ISOs can be hard to find, though, và for versions of Windows other than the most current, the site tries really hard to lớn push you inkhổng lồ using the Media Creation Tool instead. Enter the Microsoft Windows & Office ISO Download Tool. This free utility provides a simple interface that lets you select the version of Windows you want, then downloads an ISO for that version straight from Microsoft’s tải về servers. This includes various builds of the Windows 10 Insider PReviews. You can also use the tool khổng lồ tải về ISOs for certain versions of Microsoft Office.

First, head over khổng lồ & grab the Microsoft Windows & Office ISO Download Tool. It’s free and it’s a portable tool, so there’s no installation. Just launch the executable tệp tin. In the main window, choose the version of Windows or Office you’d lượt thích khổng lồ tải về.


Click the “Select Edition” drop-down thực đơn and then choose the edition you want. Note that in addition to the regular editions of the product (such as Home or Professional), you can also tải về regions specific editions such as Windows N (which is sold lớn the European market and does not include multitruyền thông apps like Media Player and DVD Maker) and Windows K (which is sold lớn the Korean market).


After you select the edition you want khổng lồ download, cliông xã “Confirm.”

Next, use the drop-down menu that appears lớn choose the sản phẩm language you want to lớn download và then clichồng the “Confirm” button under the language drop-down menu.


Finally, choose whether to tải về the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the sản phẩm. Clicking either download button will initiate the tải về using the ISO download tool, so you’ll need lớn keep it open until the tải về finishes. Alternatively, you can use the “Copy Link” buttons to lớn the right lớn copy the direct download link to lớn your clipboard and then download the tệp tin using your browser. Either way, note that most liên kết generated by the tool are only valid for 24 hours, though you can always come back and generate new links.


And that’s all there is to lớn using the Microsoft Windows và Office ISO Download Tool. Yes, you could accomplish some of this by digging around the TechBench site, but using this clever little utility is quicker & saves a lot of hassle. Plus, for some products, lượt thích Windows 8.1, finding the direct tải về on the site is next to lớn impossible.

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Microsoft also provides other software via the TechNet Evaluation Center. For example, you could download a trial version of Windows Server 2012 R2 and enter a legitimate sản phẩm key to get the full version. Just click the “Evaluate Now” header on the site to lớn see what trial versions of software are on offer. You will need to sign in with a Microsoft account before downloading.

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