Đánh Giá Sennheiser Hd 201

This HD 201 mã sản phẩm Sennheiser headmix is a great value, ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for music listeners who are looking for an affordable nâng cấp. They are not audiophile quality but they are great for the casual music listener. These headphones offer a balanced sound & a comfortable design for an affordable price.

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If you are looking khổng lồ overhaul your headphones but don’t want khổng lồ break the ngân hàng, this headphối could be a great buy for you. This article will Đánh Giá the features, kiến thiết và sound unique of the Sennheiser HD 201 headphối.

The HD 201 Features

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Your HD 201 Sennheiser mã sản phẩm headmix comes with a gold plated ¼ inch adapter, which fits easily in a 1/8 inch plug. Plus, it contains a two year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Users can tip the ear cups forward và baông chồng about trăng tròn degrees, however this does not seem khổng lồ have sầu much benefit for the user. But, this headset does have sầu the ability to fit heads of multiple shapes và sizes.

The cord that comes with this headset is a traditional two-sided, 10 foot plastic cord. It is not detachable, like the higher models of Sennheiser’s but it still connects khổng lồ both ear cups. The cord ends with a 1/8 plug.

Ten feet is a long cord and can be somewhat cumbersome for travel, but just roll up the excess cord và it won’t become an issue. This is a closed headset but ambient noise is not blocked well, plus the sensitivity is low so the volume needs khổng lồ be cranked high.

Sennheiser 201 Design


This Model offers users a full kích cỡ, circumaural, over the ear, headmix kiến thiết. The thiết kế has a limited swivel that has been implemented with the frame hinge. This allows the ear cups to lớn move sầu back & forth slightly, so users can have one side in place & the other side off your ear.

Intact ear pads, have sầu an oblong shape that are replaceable và have sầu a black color. A foam padding with an interior that has been sewn in cloth and covered in a leatherette material, completes the ear cup thiết kế.

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The frame of these headphones is black, but user can also enjoy the appearance of the silver and blaông xã oval shaped thiết kế on the baông xã of the ear cups. This mã sản phẩm is light weight and durable at only 165 grams.

An adjustable headb& made from hard plastic sits at the top of this headset, it is well padded and lightweight. These headphones have a good fit but they can slide off your head. They may feel flimsy but these headphones have survived our durability tests.

Sennheiser Sound Quality

These headphones come with a 24 ohm impedance cấp độ, this means that it doesn’t take a lot of power lớn use this headmix, making it easy on your batteries and compatible with devices like; iPods, MP3 Players, cell phones and other devices.

To achieve sầu the best sound be sure to lớn plug inlớn a svào amp or headphone jaông chồng, especially lớn get a svào bass sound. Achieve sầu a frequency response range of 21 – 18,000 Hz, a sound pressure level of 108 dB, & a less than 0.7% harmonic distortion.

Mid-range sounds tover to come through the best. However, guitars can either get lost or become too bright, while vocals can become uneven. High level sounds have a slight sibilance (hissing), especially with lyrics that begin with or include the letter “s”.

However, even though this headset has its flaws, for the price it performs better than can be expected at this price cấp độ. Noise doesn’t leak when used with an AV receiver or an MP3 player, so others bởi vì have to lớn listen lớn what you are.

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In Conclusion

This headmix isn’t the most spectacular headset every created, however that is not how they are advertised either. They are affordable và make great upgrade for the casual music listener. The sound may not compare lớn high priced models, however the price can certainly attract the right buy. This is a great purchase

if you have sầu an amp or looking for a headset for listening to lớn music at trang chính. They are by no means a professional or high performance grade mã sản phẩm.

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