Workarounds for app related issues on bluestacks 4 – bluestacks support

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If you"re facing any issues with app compatibility, like app crashes, blaông xã screen, distorted graphics, tiện ích stopped working etc. then the workarounds illustrated in this article will help you to resolve them.

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Workarounds for phầm mềm related issues on

1) Issues in downloading applications

You may face issues like downloads are getting stuông xã, the device is incompatible message on Play Store, the application fails khổng lồ tải về with some errors etc.

Change device profile(Option available from version onwards)

You may change the existing device protệp tin on khổng lồ resolve the issue you"re facing. Please refer to this link

Clear Google cache

Please refer khổng lồ this article và persize the steps carefully lớn clear Play store cabịt.

Install from .apk file

If the app is unavailable in your country you will not be able to lớn install it from the Play Store. You may install the .app android of the tiện ích from any third party website & install it on by referring to the fourth and fifth step in this article.

2) App crash, blaông xã screen, distorted graphics.


Switch the graphics mode of

You may switch graphics mode from Direct X khổng lồ xuất hiện GL (or vice-versa) and enabling "Compatibility" mode under "Graphics engine" settings as described in this article.

Update your graphics thẻ drivers

There is a possibility that your graphics thẻ drivers are outdated. You may follow the steps outlined in this article in order khổng lồ update your graphics thẻ drivers.

Update version if applicable.

You may check the version of installed on your computer with the help of this article. If the installed version is older than the version available on our official website, please install the lachạy thử version.

3) App has stopped working but it was working earlier.


Update the app.

xuất hiện Google Play from the home page screen of Tap on the Menu & then cliông chồng on "My apps và games". Apps with available updates are labelled "Update". Tap on the Update button lớn update the tiện ích.

Force stop the app

To bởi this, cliông xã on the "System apps" ibé available on the home page screen. Navigate khổng lồ Android Settings > Apps. Scroll lớn locate the tiện ích from the installed tiện ích menu. Cliông xã on it and select "Force Stop". Lastly, relaunch và launch the tiện ích again.

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Clear the app cache

Clichồng on "System apps" icon available on the trang chủ screen. Navigate khổng lồ Android Settings > Apps. Scroll to locate the tiện ích from the installed ứng dụng các mục. Cliông xã on it. Cliông xã on "Storage" > "Clear Cache" button. Relaunch and launch the app again.

Reinstall the app

If the issue persists, try re-installing by first uninstallingit và installingit again.

4) Apps are sluggish, slow & laggy.


Enable virtualization

Refer khổng lồ this article for the procedure lớn turn ON the Virtualization in the BIOS settings of your computer.

Allocate more CPU cores & memory

Refer to lớn this article in order lớn allocate more CPU cores and memory.

Configure antivirut & Internet security

Refer khổng lồ this article, this article will guide khổng lồ configure your mạng internet security & antivi khuẩn to improve sầu performance.

5) Keyboard controls are not working.

Create keyboard controls.

Refer lớn this article, this will guide you through the steps for creating the Keyboard controls of any tiện ích installed on your system.

Have some questions?

Q. How can I revert lớn default keyboard controls after making changes?A.You can do so by clicking on "Unvì Changes" in the Advanced game controls menu from the Keyboard controls overlay.

Q. My PC is unable khổng lồ play apps on without it being slow or lagging. Why is this happening?A. It could be that your computer does not meet the required specs lớn run these games. Cheông chồng this guide khổng lồ find out the minimum và recommended specifications needed.

Q. My problem is not listed here. What vị I do?A. Please report it khổng lồ the team and our team will get right on it. To find out how, refer here

Q. Having issues with my Google login that is interfering with my game play. What lớn do?A. Refer to lớn this guide for solutions on fixing this issue.

Q. How can I access a particular game"s settings lượt thích on mobile?A. For this, you have sầu to lớn access the App thực đơn located by opening Library>System app (or More apps in older versions)>Android Settings>Apps. Here you can Force Stop, Uninstall, Clear Cađậy and Data, plus more.

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