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SamplePushClient - BlackBerry Android Runtime Sample Screenshots Preliminary Setup How To Build Sending A Push Message khổng lồ a BB10 Device Using the BlackBerry Sample Push Initiators Sending a Push Message lớn any other Android Device More Info Disclaimer
SamplePushClient - BlackBerry Android Runtime SampleThis sample application is intended to lớn assist developers who want khổng lồ configure push notifications in their Android application for BB10.

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This sample utilizes the standalone (non Google Play Services dependent) Google Cloud Messaging SDK.

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The code in this sample covers the client side configuration & NOT the server side code required for Push.

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For more information, visit Creating Push-enabled Android apps


Andrew Frolkin



Preliminary Setup

How To Build

Clone the repo to your computerIn Android Studio, clichồng on File -> Import Project, & select the project root directory (for example SamplePushClient)Fill in your BlackBerry Push Credentials in the android.cfg file in assets/blackberry/android.cfg(Optional) If you wish to lớn kiểm tra this ứng dụng on non BB10 devices, mix the SENDER_ID string in CommonUtilities khổng lồ the Sender ID received when enabling Google Cloud Messaging for your app. The SENDER_ID can be phối to any value if this tiện ích is only receiving push messages on BB10 devices

Sending A Push Message to lớn a BB10 Device Using the BlackBerry Sample Push Initiators

Fill in the Username / Application Id & Password fields with the credentials obtained after registering for the BlackBerry Push ServiceFill in the data field with the push message. lưu ý that the data sent from the Push Initiators MUST BE FORMATTED AS JSON. By mặc định, this sample tiện ích will read the push message from the "message" key. For example, for this ứng dụng, the data sent from the VPS must be formatted as: " "message":"Your push message here." "Enter the BlackBerry device PIN into lớn the address field (NOT the Registration ID from the SamplePushClient app)Make sure the SamplePushClient phầm mềm Registration Status is "Registered". If the status is not "Registered", make sure the push credentials are correct within the app and the device has internet accessIf configured correctly, the phầm mềm will display the Push Message in a toast notification và a system wide notification when a push request is sent

Sending a Push Message khổng lồ any other Android Device

Install the app on an Android deviceAs long as the SENDER_ID in CommonUtilites is correctly set, the Registration Status on the device appears as "Registered", the Correct API key & Sender ID is used, & the GCM VPS side code obtains the correct Registration ID from the device, GCM should work as expectedSee Simple Downstream Messaging for more information & Google Cloud Messaging - Android Demo App for a kiểm tra phầm mềm. In the thử nghiệm tiện ích, use the device Registration ID from the SamplePushClient, and the GCM Sender IDAPI Key lớn sover a chạy thử message.

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