Nononono Chapter 114

He’s all like “I c wut u did thar…”

After that evil cliffhanger, Emperor’s finally about to do the jump everyone has been waiting for! Only now there’s even more snow than when Nonomiya jumped. Will Emperor be able to pull a miraculous jump, or will nature come out victorious?

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RAW: Rawscans
Translation: cookie_on_fire
Cleaning: sinraeyan
Typesetting: Katsuri
QC: cookie_on_fire

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5 Responses to Nononono Chapter 114

  1. Doll says:

    epic way to reject Nono
    it would be kinda ironic if emperor really feel of a cliff.
    thank you for the chapter ( ^_^)

  2. viaggero says:

    Muchas gracias chicos…☺
    (thank you very much guys)

  3. EscFate says:

    hahaha the first thing emperor says to Noriko when he sees her!
    But seriously..nice save…
    Thanks for the release guys!

  4. Karharot says:

    Another great chapter of N4 XD
    Arigato :)

  5. G Turk says:

    Awesomeness! Thanks for more Nononono!

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